The Memphis Association of Independent Schools–Technology Education Consortium (MAIS–TEC) promotes the development and implementation of instructional and non–instructional technologies, the enhancement of education through the use of technology, and the sharing of resources, expertise, and experiences.

The objectives of MAIS-TEC include:

  • supporting the integration of technology in the educational environment
  • encouraging participation in events related to technology
  • maintaining awareness of issues and trends in technology
  • serving the community as a technology resource
  • exploring the possibility of joint ventures.

Photos from the MAIS-TEC visit to Collierville High School

We would like to thank Collierville High School and their faculty, staff, and students for making us feel so welcome during our visit on November 2nd. They have an incredible new $120 million facility that is rich in higher-level thinking and technology integration. Below are a few of our favorite photos from the visit.